Barter Business Cooperative is a barter and trade exchange. In addition to their existing cash business, our members accept trade credits as payment for their products and services.  We offer you one of the world's largest barter marketplaces, with access to ten's of thousands of members throughout the US and Canada and give you the e-business resources you need to build your bottom line with access to thousands of new customers, stronger cash flow, increased buying power, greater sales volume and access to new markets for sale of your products or services.  Do you as a business owner have the capacity to generate more sales revenue than your business is currently generating?   Consider bartering your goods or services through an organized barter exchange.  You will want to understand the following Q&A's regarding the basic aspects of bartering through an organized exchange.  Schedule your personal trade tour.

Integrity Group for Referrals - a sister company and Member resource for CASH referrals

People do business with people they knowlike and trust;

 but they refer people to whom they mutually trustrespect, and benefit each other in some way. 

Integrity Group for Referrals is a Better Business Community comprised of Barter Business Cooperative Members who adhere and abide to a Code of Ethics as well as Policies and Procedures of the BBC Agreement and subscribe to the 3M business philosophy: Mutual Trust, Mutual Respect and Mutual Appreciation.  Its sole purpose is for the benefit of all who participate in barter particularly, but also those referral sources including financial investment professionals and those to whom may not be able to participate in trade directly.  

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