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Coach Bus & Limousine Services - St. Louis

We have a host of party buses that we are ready to discount for the fall and winter season. 

 No event to big or small… we’ve got you covered!

Absolute Barter Pricing for Party Buses


For all buses, the hard dollar cost is $37.50/hr which covers driver and clean-up. 


There is a ½ hour charge that is added to and from the event (anywhere outside of South County).  Any vehicles going more than 75 miles for a trip, a fuel charge is incurred. 


Cost per vehicle in barter dollars (in bold).


  • Car Service (Black Suburban – 6 passenger plus driver) - $95.00/hr - $37.50 = $57.50/hr
  • 15 – 19 passenger perimeter seating party bus - $125.00/hr - $37.50 = $87.50/hr
  • 20-26 passenger party buses – 150.00/hr – $37.50 = $112.50/hr


(The Tuxedo Bus has a bathroom which is additional $75.00 hard dollar cost for disposal, chemicals and cleaning.  Bathroom cost cannot be waived if using this bus.  It is the most popular in the fleet and is usually the first vehicle that people want to book).


  • 30 – 32 passenger party buses - $195.00/hr – $37.50 = $157.50/hr


Tip is not included on any of these buses.  Standard tipping is 15-20%.  Tipping ideally is paid in cash to the driver on day of event.  If no tip is given, we will charge 18% of the total trip. 


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